Benefits of using online exchange platforms

Exchanging your currencies can be a bit hectic if you don’t know how and where to get the best exchange platforms. Most exchange platforms tend to charge high rates hence can make it difficult for you if you intended to use the money in doing specific tasks. Currency exchange is an everyday norm that is being carried out all over the world. For some time now people have opted to use the online exchange platforms like changelly review in exchanging their currencies. This is because these platforms have a lot of advantages if you decide to use them. In this article, we take you through some of the reasons why you need to consider using online exchange platforms.

Quick access

One of the significant benefits of online currency exchange platforms is that you will access your funds quickly.gfvcbx The online exchange services are carried within a short time within less than one hour, and you will access your money in the shortest time. This aspect will enable you to avoid the long queue at the physical currency exchange centers. However larger transactions can take some time depending on the size of the transaction.

Fair charges

The online exchange platforms will charge you reasonable fees when you change your currencies. They do not ask for high commissions because their expenses are reduced. They do not pay rent and many employees, unlike physical exchange platforms that have rent and employees to pay. Similarly, the online platforms do not charge for withdrawals or additional commissions. This makes them very appropriate even when you are withdrawing a small amount of money.

Allows for credit card deposits

bdfgttetIf you are wondering which is the best platform to deposit money for your credit card, then you should worry less because the online exchange platform will offer you this service. Most online exchange platforms like Changelly will allow you to buy Bitcoins through the use of your debit or credit card. These make the platform to be highly convenient because you can load your card anytime without worries.

Offers best conversion rates

Most physical exchange platforms offer exchange rates that only suit their needs hence can overcharge their customers. But with online exchange rates, they do a thorough research before setting their interest rates. This helps them to have the best rates because they will only offer rates that are on the market. They don’t set rates which will make the customers feel unsatisfied. On the other hand, these platforms do not hold currency for their customers


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Five tips for buying a home in sacramento


Your home is perhaps one of the most expensive things you will buy in Sacramento. Whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading to your dream home or downsizing your home after the kids have moved out, it is worth noting the ground rules if you wish to buy a new home without much difficulty.

Making a wrong move can prove to be costly while making a wise decision can increase the overall value of your investment. When buying a home, its essential to follow a systematic approach so that you make decisions based on facts and reason, not on impulse or emotion. The following pointers will help you make a sound decision when shopping for a home.

Seek financing

22kjvjkdhkjhdThere is nothing that can be as disappointing as losing out on your dream home because you are unable to secure funding. It is a grand idea to line up the necessary financing before you even start to search for your dream home. Getting finances from a lender in Sacramento has benefits that include knowing your buying limits and earning respect from listing agents. Have a closer look at the mortgage options that you have before starting your home buying process.

Consider the surrounding, not just the house

It is an excellent idea to check the entire surrounding instead of focusing on the home alone. This is very important particularly if you are moving into a developing area because you will be unfamiliar with the lifestyle as well as the climate. Buying a home in the wrong area can be a huge mistake. So take your time and drive around the neighborhood and talk to other residents if you get the opportunity.

Inspect the home

Keenly investigate the home you plan to purchase for any potential defects before making your next move which is making an offer. The cost of checking is negligible compared to the average price of the home. Consider referrals if you want to find the best home inspector in the shortest time possible.

Make a fair first offer

Trying to provide a seller a low first offer thinking you are going to save money can backfire. Carefully evaluate the local market and compare the asking prices of homes that are similar to that you wish to purchase in the neighborhood. Its only after comparing the prices that you can come up with a fair first offer that won’t disgust the seller.

Avoid sidelining the sellers of the house

33hfoeidfjipMost home selling deals have gone sour because of the personal animosity between the buyer and seller. It is important to avoid sidelining the seller of the home. Otherwise, you won’t get the tiny details during the sale. Having a good rapport with the vendor of the home is the best way to make the transaction run as smoothly as possible.

Many other pointers could not fit in this post. Those mentioned here are just the key ones. If you stick to them, then the process of buying your new home will be a stroll in the park.…

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How to Get a Business Advance

Matters to do with business must be handled with care. Any wrong move could land you somewhere uncomfortable. This is the reason why businesspersons need to know exactly what the situation is in order for them to make the right judgment. Moreover, business-minded people are always able to identify opportunities that ordinary people are not able to do. Once they do, they look at every angle of the opportunity then do everything possible to finance it. In the end, they are smiling all the way to the bank as they reap their bountiful profits. The aggressive lot have a lot to learn from this kind of setting.


Ways to acquire capital for your business

As has been mentioned earlier, first things first. It would be useless to have some capital available to you but have no idea on how exactly to invest it. Once you identify your area of thriving business, you can begin your hunt for capital. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Approach your bank for a loan. In the process of applying for a loan, the manager can advise you on how exactly to go about the whole issue. You will be surprised at how things will fall into place once your application goes through.
  • Put some savings aside from your day job. Though it is hard to do this sometimes, you can give it a try. One way to do this is by foregoing some items that you have no use for. This money could go a long way in ensuring that your business goals are achieved.
  • Find a reliable partner. Big businesses thrive through partnerships in most cases. Do not be shy to share your ideas with reliable colleagues. You can never know who among them will be as philanthropic as to part with a substantial amount of money to fund your venture.

Patience pays

Anyone that has been here before can confidently tell you that patience pays. No matter how many books you read on how to get a business advance, there are some processes you have to go through for it to materialize. A business advance is what most entrepreneurs aim at for the better part of their business lives. Sadly, though, most of them end up applying all the wrong techniques. Therefore, end up being disappointed. The end should not be the same for all of us. Instead, we should aim at taking only the right direction.


Still, on the point of patience, you have to find a useful way to keep yourself busy as you wait for your business advance to materialize. As you approach all the seemingly potential sources, your request will not always be fulfilled at the first attempt. You will have to knock on many doors relentlessly.


Business matters should give you all the more reason to proceed with caution. This is the delicate juncture at which you should be able to identify your reliable business companions. This way, at least you will be at peace when your business is taking a turn for the best.…

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How to Avoid Small Personal Loans Scams

Many people are between a tight spot and annihilation when it comes to finances. On the one hand, you do not know where you are going to get the money. On the other hand, you have no way of stopping the ever-growing expenses and pressure to pay pending bills. Personal loans often come to the rescue. They allow you to get some credit for offsetting your costs until the time when revenues from goods sold go through or when your salary comes. Unfortunately, some criminals take advantage of the vulnerability and offer fake small personal loans. You must know ways of identifying such scam activities so that you do not become a victim. Here are considerations to make to identify small personal loans scam. They fail to ask about your payment history What kind of lender does not care about your ability to pay? This question should lead you to the first telling sign of a scam. When the deal is getting so sweet, refrain from going on. Instead, ask the question repeatedly until you have a good reason for ignoring your doubt.loan4

Often, these lenders know you are desperate for money, and they sweeten the deal by telling you that they will give you a small loan at a low interest and will not care much about your ability to pay. In reality, they want your repayment commitment, and they will use that to run amok with your money, credit reputation, and personal trust. They offer below market rates The rates offered by bad credit lenders are often higher than those of banks. If you are getting a loan offer that is better than that given to people who have high credit scores, yet you do not have good credit, then consider it a sign of a possible scam.

Lenders compete by changing terms of payment so that you can still get the money you need, but they will reduce the limitation to get it. Meanwhile, they take back their cash in the form of more extended repayment periods. You are probably getting into a scam when these facts do not appear clearly in the deal you are about to get into. They lack relevant licensing & registration You should be able to background-check the lender using available public tools such as the lending authority’s website. The lender must be reputable and be in business for a while with all the right documentation. You could also spend time verifying all provided details including registration for phone numbers, company numbers, business premises and so on. All lending companies need a physical presence even when they are offering online small loans.loan5

Therefore, you could verify their addresses and the status of their licensing before you trust them. They require payment for loan processing Lenders are there to give you money. If they require money upfront such as through a prepaid credit card, then they are frauds. They are likely to take your prepaid card and run away with all the money in it. The legitimate companies charge fees for loan processing. They also charge application fees. However, they deduct these charges from the loan amount advanced to you so that you have to pay nothing from the pocket.


These scam spotting tips help millions of people to save 1000s …

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Maintaining good credit for business

Starting a business with a loan gives the advantage of having a good amount of capital at the early start. It means more items and services are available to purchase and bring the business further forward from the competitors.

Personal vs. business credit

Before requesting a loan to a creditor, a business initiator should know the consequences of mixing personal credit with business credit. Doing so may have its benefits, but in the long run, separating both is wiser.

cadef45245A personal credit score gets evaluated through a person’s financial liability. In time payment of a mortgage, automobile loan, and credit card debt generate an excellent pattern of fiscal responsibility, and it can give a good credit score to get more credit later.

If you use personal credit score to get a business credit, all the charges get recorded to your account. Suppose your business goes well and generate stable income, the downside to mixing business with a personal loan is that you use up your credit limit. For example, with the same collateral, i.e., house, car, etc.; personal credit will get you a limited amount of money because the grantor assumes the loan is for personal use. Business loan, on the other hand, facilitates a capital that addresses the short-term and long-term goals of your company. The financial burden compensates with your business’ annual expense. Besides, by not mixing up personal credit with business credit, you can still have a forgiving credit score if the worst happens to your business.

Building a good business credit

ccc3424Proper personal credit affects your credibility to receive business credit. Here are some tips to avoid poor financial profile:

Make a credit card instead of debit card

A debit card is safe for you, but it does not prove anything of how you can manage your balance if given a debt. Credit card shows the otherwise, but only if you pay the charge before the deadline.

Limit your credit card

The ability to control the limit of your expense proves that you are financially responsible. Having a credit card with limit won’t allow you to purchase the over-limit goods.

Avoid unstable account

Do not open a new account with a hope that you can cover up your former bad financial record. Instead, pay your debt and recover your credit score.

Strategies to deal with unmanageable debt

DDD131The worst situation of starting a business with a loan is that you may get entangled with debts. There are few ways to resolve this problem through debt consolidation loan. But bear in mind that the purpose of the loan is to make the existing debts more possible to pay.

If your credit score is weak and you get rejected by banks, you can try getting your debt consolidation loan from services that provide loans for people with bad credit. The interest is higher than regular service since the risk for you is also high.

There is debt consolidation loan service that comes with low interest but normally requires your property to serve as the guarantee. Therefore, if your business loan is a high-risk loan, make sure you have more than one asset that can save you just in case a financial disaster happens.…

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How to choose a forex broker

The first important thing for any particular trader is to look for a respected and trusted forex broker. In this case, a broker acts as a major business partner. Thus, it is necessary to find a broker that meets your specific needs. The following are some vital things you need to consider when looking for a reliable forex broker:

Choosing a forex broker


tg2w3edf7cuwed8i22The majority of the traders use regulated forex brokers who are supervised and regulated by local or international authorities. Without proper regulations, there is a likelihood for brokers to act as they want. Moreover, they can even make their own rules. A broker who takes trading with a lot of seriousness should follow the required rules and standards.

Fast trade execution

You should note that forex is a fast-paced market. It is advisable to work with a reputable broker who can carry out trading in a fast and efficient manner. Delays in execution are likely to cause other problems and potential loss.

Multiple account options

You need to choose an account type that matches your needs as an active trader. Choosing from a selection of several accounts will make it quite easy to find something, which caters to your aspirations, financial abilities, and needs. Top brokers will give you great freedom whenever trading and minimal restrictions that limit your trading activity.

The demo accounts

The idea of practicing with a demo account is quite essential for people starting with trading activities. The majority of forex brokers will provide you with a demo account that offers you adequate time to practice before you start using real money. In this way, you can learn the ins and outs of forex trading as it involves virtual money. The time you spend using a demo account should let you discover your strengths and weaknesses. You should start trading when you feel 100% confident and ready.

Trading instruments

You should use a reputable broker that provides you a good choice of the trading instruments. Other than trading major currency pairs, it is advisable to have other commodities to trade such exotic and minors or even precious metals.

Customer service

tgw3edrfcv7we8di22This is quite important when you start forex trading. Just like anything new, you will face challenges and troubles at the start. You will need to speak with someone and get an immediate response. Fortunately, professional forex brokers can provide you with a reliable customer service.…

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Top mistakes to avoid this holiday season

The holiday season is just around you hate it or love it; it is coming. A lot of people fear financial misfortunes that happen to them every year. In this post, you will learn some serious financial mistakes you should avoid. The tips can help you enjoy the holiday without draining your bank.

During the holiday season, it is a great time to shop, and you will find it difficult to resist the great offers appearing from every corner. As much as we try, gifts for friends and family, the festival shopping, and Christmas vacation can be a great setback on your budget. If you avoid some financial errors, you can reduce your financial stress this particular season. The following are the financial mistakes to avoid this coming holiday season:

Financial mistakes

No financial plan

tgw3edfc7ywed8i2ik22If you do not utilize a financial plan, then there is a big risk that you are bound to fail miserably. For instance, do you know the right amount of money you are ready to spend? What can you afford? If you shop without a financial plan during the Christmas, then you are going to fail terribly. Having a financial plan is the first step implement when planning for holiday shopping.

No budget

This is likely to be a huge problem if you never budget for your expenses. Remember that you are not perfect and this is a slip-up that affects a lot of people each year. If you do not plan for it, then it is going to drain you financially. The following are the reasons:

  • You are likely to shop for Christmas using a credit card
  • Failure to pay bills to purchase Christmas presents

Thus, if you budget accordingly for Christmas in advance, you can stay away from mix-ups and have a stress-free Christmas.

Having unreal expectations

tg23erdf7vched8ri223Every person has unrealistic expectations of the Christmas holiday and what happens during that time. You may have seen advertisements, watched films, and you have seen how a perfect Christmas vacation should be. It is not a must that you purchase a brand new car to have a dream vacation. Just be reasonable with your expectations and presents. Remember that Christmas is not only about presents.

Shopping out of guilt

You may feel guilt because you could not afford to purchase everything you family requires. In fact, this may prompt overspending. Avoid promising your family what you cannot afford.…

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Oso Market + Bar


bar / market / bottle shop
726 se grand ave portland, or 97214
info@osomarket.com / 503 232 6400

Our final service will be FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd
serving dinner tuesday 8/30-friday 9/2
tues – tours: 4p – 10pm

fri: 4pm-11pm

featuring old world and oregon wines from small producers. locally sourced ingredients utilized in a spanish and french inspired menu meant for sharing.

One of the “7 wine bars you need to drink at Now” – Bon Appetit Magazine

“Oso is special enough to warrant the trip and comfortable enough to make you come back for more.” – The Oregonian, Danielle Centoni

“I love it here.” – your mom…

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